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Computer Repair and IT Support for Business

Everything tech.  Done better!

We promise to provide you with the best technology solutions and repairs.  We guarantee the security of your data while we service your device.  Others cannot promise that.

A lot is at stake when you have your technology serviced.  When you give your device to a tech, you give them unrestricted access to everything: passwords, web history, email, files, pictures, social media accounts.  Can you trust a tech who also sells appliances to provide an honest repair?  Can you trust a minimum wage trainee at a screen replacement kiosk?  Of course not.

At eTekkers, we promise you’ll always be satisfied and always feel secure.  Our professionals are third-party certified, background verified, highly valued professionals with pride in their service.

Amazingly, because our professionals are experts and diagnose your device with pinpoint accuracy, your repairs cost less too.

Trust eTekkers professionals.

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Ask Us Any Computer, Device or Business IT Question.

Ask us anything, really.  Most advice is free.  The way technology changes rapidly, without being a technology professional, we can’t imagine keeping up with it.  Fortunately, eTekkers professionals are here for you.  Your friends in technology.  Call or stop by.  Of course, we’d love to see you in person!


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Your data is priceless and may also be unprotected. Data is pictures, music, emails, files and more.  Let us protect your data and make everything e·Secure.

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Cracked screen, damaged laptop, viruses & popups?  e·Fix solves it all.  Our professionals will diagnose & repair. All brands and models are welcome! 

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Tired of waiting for loading and staring at the spinning wheel? Slow startups and processing? We can e·Boost that!

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Lost your important files or pictures? Dropped your iPhone in the sink? No problem. We’ve been restoring data since 2001!

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Everything tech. Done better!

Even a simple screen replacement, done by the wrong person, will compromise your identity.  When you give your device to someone to repair, you give them access to your email, social media profile, and everything else on your device.  You don’t realize how much is being put at risk by trusting an unqualified repair person.

Trust only eTekkers verified professionals with your device.

eTekker Professionals

eTekkers are experienced in all operating systems and devices.  We promise you’ll always be satisfied and always feel secure.  Our professionals are third-party certified, background verified, highly compensated professionals who take pride in their service.  No one’s service compares to eTekkers.

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Chat with an eTekker Professional

Chat now with an eTekker professional to diagnose your device and determine your technology needs.   The quickest and most convenient way to get answers to your questions is to chat with us. We’re here to help.

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After Hours & Emergency Services

Same-Day Repairs Available!

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Sell Your Phones, Laptops and Devices

Most people have $2,000 of unused electronics in their house.  Turn those devices into cash.  Not all devices are worth repairing.  We’ll help you decide to repair or sell, getting you the cash you need for that state-of-the-art device.  Visit us for a free appraisal.

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Data Security

Your data security is important to us. We prepare your device for sale by secure erasing your device memory or removing your hard drive altogether which, depending on the computer, may have little effect on the auction selling price.  Let eTekkers protect your data before selling your device.

Drop Off Your Device for Secure Data Erase!

Get Cash Fast.

A few popular laptops include the Apple Macbook Air, Apple Macbook Pro, HP Pavillion, HP Envy, HP ProBook, Toshiba Satelite, as well as laptops from Acer, Dell and Lenovo. Contact us to sell your laptop and enjoy cash for your devices.

eTekkers – Business IT

Business IT support!

eTekkers is IT by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.  The founders at eTekkers were all successful entrepreneurs in various industries from recreation goods, software development, consulting, tech support, and biotechnology.  As entrepreneurs, finding reliable and secure IT services was impossible.  We could not find competent, trustworthy techs to securely perform our IT work.

eTekkers was founded to provide the highest level of IT support, offering verified IT professionals.

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Running your business is always intense and can be even worse when your technology infrastructure is down, let eTekkers take care of your Business IT – professionally!

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A data backup is the result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. Data loss can be caused by many things …

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In management, information technology consulting (also called IT consulting, computer consultancy, business and technology services, computing consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory) as a field of activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT)

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Reduce troubleshooting time with an automated remote server monitoring tool that allows you to see servers and apps across multiple locations. Server & Application Monitor gives you a unified view so you can track performance and remediate issues faster. Get notified on time and roll business w/o stress

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