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A new extension to hide your digital fingerprint

In an age where it seems like every company is looking to extract and sell every drop of data it can squeeze out of users its a breath of fresh air to hear about a company that not only doesn’t collect and sell your data, but actively alerts you to who your favorite websites are selling your information to and what tracking devices their leaving after you log off of them.  Duck duck go is attempting to be the anti-google in that regard, being a search engine that protects and anonymizes data rather then sells it, and is stepping up their efforts with the new browser extension they just released.


The extension not only includes their tracker free search engine, but also checks the websites you visit for trackers, and grades the websites overall security based on encryption standards combines with how pervasively the website tracks you.  Another benefit of this extension is that the code is completely open source, meaning that anyone so inclined with the knowledge and desire can examine all the code the program runs on, to ensure its secure and does what it says it should.  The app is available as an android or iOS web browser or as a Firefox extension, so if you want to see how your favorite websites rank, or want to see just whose paying to read your tweets,, you can download the extension at duckduckgo.com

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