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Attacks against enterprise networks went up 40% in 2017

According to the research of a verified source, 2017 contained one of the highest increases in attacks against enterprise networks ever recorded. Over 12 months, 28% of industrial enterprises in the world were attacked in some way – in 2016 that number was only 20%.. These figures confirm the forecasts of security experts that in 2018, malicious software that exploits vulnerabilities in the components of automated systems will appear and spread.


Cybercrime groups are paying increasing attention to the industrial sector,  partly because most companies do not always understand how to properly protect themselves, making them easy targets. Only one of every two industrial enterprise stated that it has sufficient knowledge of the threats that their business faces. At the same time, almost all the respondents (87%) admitted that they encountered at least one complex cyberncident in a year. Not surprisingly, every third company (34%) spends several days finding an attack, and every fifth (20%) spends a few weeks.


Industrial companies themselves are well aware of the need for high-quality protection from cyberthreats, even if they are lacking those defenses themselves. 62% of respondents are convinced of the need to use more sophisticated security software. However, only software is not enough: almost half (49%) of the respondents said that their employees do not follow any cybersecurity policy. Given that any mistake made by an industrial company employee can lead to a disruption of its stable operation, training in cybersecurity skills becomes an indispensable condition for effective protection for all employees, not just the IT guys.


“Cyber ​​attacks on industrial control systems are becoming the undisputed number one threat, as they have a direct impact on business continuity and the high-value fixed assets of a manufacturing company. However, there is also a positive: most players in this market know what threats are now coming to the forefront and will be relevant in the near future. That is why it is extremely important to implement complex solutions designed specifically to protect automated industrial environments. They have high flexibility and are adjusted in accordance with the technological processes of each organization, “said a director of critical security infrastructure at an antivirus company.

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