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IT support for your office

Technology is unavoidable in today’s modern office. It has been designed to make our lives and businesses operate more efficiently. It needs to be reliable and consistent; a modern business cannot afford to be delayed by technology.

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How we help our clients:

We tackle the installation, configuration and troubleshooting aspects of technology in business. Instead of spending precious time on IT related issues, you could be focusing on what really matters, your business growth.

We focus on achieving business goals and not spend precious time studying fast-changing, not always correctly and safely operating software products, and technologies;
To reveal and optimally apply the opportunities that modern information technologies can provide to business in accordance with the tasks at hand;
Increase the productivity and efficiency of information assets, make costs predictable and understandable, and the development of the company’s infrastructure long-term;

What our clients receive:

  • Comprehensive audit of the customer’s IT infrastructure prior to contracting;
  • Guaranteed solution of IT problems at all serviced sites.
  • We can increase the reliability of computers, network and information security;
  • We offer any form of cooperation convenient for our customers.
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What’s the best way to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of your business? The ideal solution is having a dedicated local IT support company. In this area there is a huge number of specialized companies that offer a plethora of different services, packages, and support levels. We stand out from the competition by offering affordable prices, consistently high quality of services, polite and qualified personnel, and the fastest response time in town.

Supporting an IT infrastructure is a combination of not just direct support but preventive maintenance as well. eTekkers are the premier specialists in Denver, because we determine which services are necessary for the customer, taking into account the specifics of its activities and systems they individually use. To do this, we study the clients needs and requests, and determine the list of work need based on the information received. As a result, the cost of maintenance is reduced, and the client receives only the assistance that they really needs.


At the first stage, our eTekkers specialists discuss all the details of exactly what issues the client is experiencing, as well as a network diagram to determine size, complexity, and composition of the network. We do this so we can accurately prepare an offer that is fair for both parties, as well as ensuring there are no surprises further down the road that might have gone unnoticed without this. Only after reaching full mutual understanding will a service agreement be drafted and signed.

Professional IT support from our company means rendering only those services that are necessary for the customer, the office and all employees.

The signed agreement is to lay out both the services to be provided as well as any and all pricing. An important stipulation for many partners is the time it takes the support company to react to emerging problems. We are so confident in our ability to respond in a timely fashion that even our response time will be agreed to and written into the support contract.

With the support of the IT infrastructure, we can then provide recommendations that would help with productivity as well as lower future maintenance cost. If services are provided for an extended period of time, and there arises a need for repairs, replacement, or additions and configurations of new equipment, we can accomplish this for a discounted rate. The technician will perform the entire list of necessary actions, including network setup, selection and installation of the necessary programs, periodic checks of both hardware and software, optimization and much more.


There are multiple advantages to having a 3rd party IT solution.

Financial advantages are apparent almost instantly. Such support allows you to save a substantial amount in comparison to having a dedicated IT person, which many spend on maintaining their own administrative staff, or invest back into the business. Practice shows that outsourcing reduces the company’s expenses by 30%. The fixed size of the subscription fee allows you to make long-term forecasts and budget projections. Besides the financials, your also privy to a wealth of IT support knowledge. One employee cannot be an expert in all areas of technology, so by having multiple technicians on staff, all problems have significantly more knowledge and brainpower directed to them then one person is capable of.

In addition, as the business grows, it can outgrow having only one dedicated tech, and eventually require, 2,3, or more, leading to exponential cost increases. The services of our company involve the involvement of a whole staff of specialists who have proven themselves in various fields, meaning no problem is too big or too small for us to handle. Outsourcing also allows you to have permanent administrators, weekends, holidays or sick leave in no way affect the support of the office. We will not leave the customer alone with technical problems, it will always be serviced by several specialists. Our offer allows you to use constant qualified help at a bargain price in Denver. We provide IT support for small and large offices on the territory of Denver, Colorado.

The presence of several packages of services allows you to choose the right option for your business.

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