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Color q personality test

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Color q personality test

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TestColor symbolical rules are in conformance with the Freudian topics and the C. Jung's typology. PersonalityTest What do your colors say about you?

Your Future what does your unconscious say? At least 51 percent of the time Color q personality test tend to select one: If you have more B's than A's in your answers please go directly to page 2.

They value procedures, respect the chain of command and have finely tuned systems for everything, from raising children to running color q personality test divisions. Golds create lists, get involved in details and are known for following through and mobilizing others to achieve concrete goals.

They dislike personaljty, abstract theories and new ideas that have not been tested. As leaders, color q personality test shine in establishing policy and readily accept the responsibility of leadership both at work and in volunteer activities so as to ensure projects remain orderly and on track.

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Golds correspond to the Myers-Briggs SJs. They seek knowledge for its own sake and are driven to challenge and test ideas and authority.

Their first reaction is to critique and set their own benchmarks against which they measure everyone and .