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Losing your data can be frustrating, traumatic and can cost you money. When a hard drive crashes, software corrupts or you delete something all hope is not lost.  Recover by eTekkers is a formulated approach to getting the files you need back.

With over a decade in recovery, we post a 97% success rate in recovering everything from emails to zip drives. Our certified technicians specialize in all Windows, Apple and Unix operating systems (including Windows 98, XP, 7, 8 and 10). We work with businesses and consumers. No matter how big the problem, we can help.

  • Emergency Data Recovery
    • We understand the importance of your data. And some things can’t wait for the next business day. We offer a 24/7, 365 data recovery emergency services.
  • RAID Recovery
    • Using our industry leading tools and expert know-how we can repair most RAID issues.
    • Whether you deleted, formatted or improperly installed volumes, we can fix most problems with ease.
    • If your arrays failed or are degrading we can get them back to working order quickly.
    • With years of experience in NAS recovery we can minimize downtime and get you back to functional operations.
    • File corruption or damage? We can restore stripped data sets and bring them back to full functionality.   
  • Mac Data Recovery
    • Our technicians work with and own Macs. They are certified and able to recover critical files off  Apple products. We specialize in…
      • Hard Drive Crashes
      • Software Corruption
      • Computer Virus
      • Human Error


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