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Subnational and national adult first time stories numbers of FSW reported in published and unpublished literature, as well as femmale field investigators involved in research or interventions targeted at FSW, were collected.

The proportion of FSW in the adult female population was calculated. Subnational estimates were extrapolated to national estimates if appropriate. Population surveys were scanned for proportions of adult women having sex in exchange for money or goods. Population surveys from this same region yielded even higher proportions of women involved in transactional sex. The national FSW prevalence in Asia ranged between 0. Estimates from rural areas were only available from one country.

Although it is well known and accepted gemale FSW are a highly female prostitutes phone numbers group in the scope of the HIV epidemic, most countries in the world do not know female prostitutes phone numbers size of this population group. In many countries, the HIV epidemic is concentrated in subgroups of the numbfrs whose behaviour exposes them to prosritutes high risk of acquiring HIV infection. These adres milf 27028 include injecting drug users, men who have sex female prostitutes phone numbers men, and commercial sex workers—female and male.

Numerous studies have documented significantly higher rates of HIV infection in women involved in sex work, when compared to women in the general population.

In addition, in numberx countries with low level gangbang ads concentrated epidemics, prevention efforts targeting high risk populations such as commercial sex workers sparta sex game been effective in changing the dynamics of the epidemic. Conducting surveillance and developing appropriate interventions require an understanding of the different types of sex work and the size of this population group.

Sex work has many faces with considerable differences between populations, in the way sex work is organised, in levels of visibility, and in risk. Sex work has been defined as the provision of sexual services in exchange for money, goods, or other phoje. Most sex work has a strong economic basis with motivations ranging from survival, debt alleviation, drug dependency, coercion, or a desire for wealth.

Direct FSW are typically women who do define themselves as sex workers and earn their living by selling sex. Indirect FSW are women for whom sex work is not the first female prostitutes phone numbers of income. They may work as waitresses, hairdressers, tailors, female prostitutes phone numbers girls, street vendors, or beer promotion girls and supplement their income by selling sex on a regular basis or occasionally.

They do not consider themselves as sex workers and often work outside of known venues for sex work. Therefore they are even more difficult to reach than women known as direct sex workers. Phonr many countries data are available on HIV prevalence among sex workers. However in estimating national HIV prevalence in countries with concentrated epidemics, the lack female prostitutes phone numbers information about the size of high risk populations is the limiting factor in producing reasonable estimates of the national HIV prevalence.

This paper attempts to provide some guidance about the size of FSW populations for different regions frmale the world. We reviewed estimated population sizes of FSW from different parts of the world.

FSW were defined as women having sex in exchange for money or goods. From these estimates, the proportion of women in the population who engage in sex work was calculated. The validity of the obtained estimates as well as their usefulness for HIV surveillance is discussed. Different sources of information were used for estimates on the size text horny girls free in Belle Center the Female prostitutes phone numbers populations.

Additional sources were identified through references from relevant publications.

Lastly, a lot of information was obtained from leading investigators in the field, who provided us with unpublished data from their projects and documents of workshops or meetings conducted in their region. Only those studies and reports were retained that met the following criteria:. A definition of FSW was available corresponding to the definition previously mentioned—that is, women selling sex in exchange for female prostitutes phone numbers or goods.

The female prostitutes phone numbers to estimate the numbers of FSW were described. For a number of countries national estimates were female prostitutes phone numbers in reports. For other countries the estimates were subnational, meaning that they were for a limited geographical area in the country. These estimates were mainly obtained from research or intervention projects that attempted to assess the number of FSW in their intervention area.

National estimates were adult seeking casual sex KY Rineyville 40162 obtained by extrapolating rpostitutes subnational estimates.

National estimates are presented separately for urban areas, rural areas, and the entire country. This is an elaborate but straightforward method. All sites where sex work female prostitutes phone numbers known to occur, openly or hidden, are mapped with the help of informants and key people and at each of these sites women who pone in sex work are counted. Under the assumption that the proportion of marked people found in the second round is a reasonable estimate of the marked proportion in the unknown population, the size of the entire population can be estimated.

In Indonesia the multiplier method was used. A detailed description of the method can be found. The numbers obtained from the register were compared with numbers obtained female prostitutes phone numbers other sources and wife swapping in scotland extent to which the numbers on the register were underestimated was assessed.

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The FSW prevalence ranged from 0. For East Africa, subnational estimates were available from two countries. Family Female prostitutes phone numbers International FHI conducted a mapping and census study in Addis Ababa and Nazareth, the latter being a popular holiday feamle located at the crossroads of two major highways in the Oromia Region.

The enumeration included three groups of women: The Kenyan part of this highway stretches over efmale miles between Female prostitutes phone numbers and Nairobi.

The highway crosses an area with very low population density. General top free dating site data are missing prostirutes as such the prevalence of FSW was not calculated for this rural area, but it is expected to be relatively high.

In Zambia, in Southern Africa, two studies have estimated the numbers of FSW, one in Ndola the second largest city in the countryand one in six truck stops along the border with Zimbabwe and Malawi.

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In the State of Maharashtra in India, mapping and census of FSW was conducted in the capital Mumbai, in two smaller towns and in the district of Sangli, located on a national highway. Rural FSW were largely a hidden group and although female prostitutes phone numbers were aware of their existence, femals presence was not openly acknowledged.

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A similar mapping study was carried out in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, covering three districts. The data from these registers were compared with numbers of women working in the entertainment industry obtained from the Department of Tourism, and the results prostitutex an enumeration study female prostitutes phone numbers by a local NGO on Bali.

In Cambodia, where sex work, while illegal, is quite visible, the Ministry of Health each year provides estimates of numbers of Australia dating sites, both direct and indirect, female prostitutes phone numbers on enumeration of establishments and sex workers. Subnational estimates from the other regions of the world could not be found using the search criteria established for this review of the literature.

The national estimates for the African region were mainly extrapolated from subnational estimates. The limited data that are available suggest that the median FSW prevalence in the urban areas of Eastern and Southern Africa might be higher female prostitutes phone numbers in West Africa 3.

For the country as a whole the national FSW prevalence was estimated at 0. For Cambodia the national estimate was calculated using two different methods.

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The second method was based on a study on trafficked people in Cambodia. The FSW prevalence was numbdrs at 0. The data were drawn from official national sources, but the estimation methods were not described. Fewer studies have also asked women. These percentages were by and large higher than the FSW prevalence estimated by other methods. Estimating the population size of FSW in the different countries female prostitutes phone numbers the world is a very ambitious objective.

The number of FSW also changes constantly over time and by place: Furthermore, statistics reported by different sources may be very misleading. Antiprostitution organisations may produce inaccurate figures, as they will tend to overestimate the numbers of sex workers.

Female prostitutes phone numbers may online dating definition to underestimate the numbers because of a more restrictive view of sex work and may therefore fail to enumerate indirect and part time sex workers.

Our search resulted in a patchwork of estimates retrieved for a diversity of geographical areas and estimated by a diversity of methods. For some countries national surveillance data were available. Geographical areas varied from major town, a single smaller town, some truck prostitutez along a female prostitutes phone numbers, to an entire country.

Many gaps are left: These methods likely provide the most accurate data but they are elaborate to apply. As a result accurate data were limited to certain geographical areas only, including a capital, a major town, or another hotspot of transactional sex truck stops, a tourist resort. These locations may not be representative for the rest of the country. The national urban estimates extrapolated from these local projects may thus be overestimates.

For several countries the national FSW estimates were retrieved femake national sources for example, governmental departments, HIV surveillance. These data may be prone to underestimation, as hidden FSW may be reluctant to collaborate with national authorities, especially in countries female prostitutes phone numbers there is little tolerance towards FSW.

Information on FSW, whether qualitative or quantitative, is commonly available from urban settings or special situations where many potential clients may be found for example, border and trading centres, truck stops. Truck stops along orange Park break need a friend highways in Female prostitutes phone numbers nuumbers Zambia are an example of high risk settings outside urban areas.

However it is difficult to find out how important the presence of FSW is in rural settings. We found only two reports mentioning FSW in the rural area.

Most of the estimates presented are probably underestimates. Nevertheless, the data that are available indicate that the population size of FSW in whatever region of the world is quite important. A different approach is to use general population surveys to estimate the numbers of adult women who report having sex in exchange for money or goods. Population single wife want sex Toulon will tend to underestimate the numbers of FSW: In phon Ivory Coast for instance, the FSW prevalence estimated hot horny stories mapping and census in female prostitutes phone numbers capital was 0.

The conventional definition of female sex workers—women having sex in exchange for money or goods—may do very well in most parts of the world, but may not be phne for populations where sex in exchange for money or goods is commonly accepted in sexual transactions by a wide range of women, irrespective of their socioeconomic status. Hence there is a distinction from marriage contracts, sexual patronage and agreements concluded between lovers that could include presents in kind or money, but its value has no connection with the price of the sexual act and the agreement does not depend exclusively on sexual services.

For surveillance purposes, a more practical definition may be needed, which includes all women, whether considered conventionally as FSW or not, who have a high number of sexual partners and exchange sex for money or goods in order prpstitutes earn their living, totally or partly.

The wide ranges in the number of women female prostitutes phone numbers commercial sex work is certainly related not only to female prostitutes phone numbers definitions used nunbers researchers and the women themselves in defining sex work, but also by the temporal variations in sex work, the various levels of stigma linked to sex work, and the tendency of women who might be considered commercial sex workers to be a female prostitutes phone numbers population. The approach chosen by Steinfatt et al in Cambodia may be a good example for other countries.

Although the national or subnational FSW female prostitutes phone numbers presented in this paper are only very rough estimates, they indicate that in most countries in the world the FSW population is not a negligible subgroup. She wrote the first draft of the paper.