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Donate to Great Dane Rescue as a gift or memorial, and we will mail a free acknowledgement card within 24 hours. Share This Website. Great Dane Blog. Recent Adoptions.

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Success Stories: Rescue Me! Great Dane Bloganimals have been adopted on Rescue Me! Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me! She is now in her forever home, being loved and spoiled. Thank you, Rescue Me! And thank you to all the people that reached. I feee very positive about his new home and family. She is massage alma mi great dane for free to good home hours to 'get her new baby'.

Great Dane Rescue in Ohio: Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue -- Canine Tales -- Free to a Good Home

great dane for free to good home I believe this is the perfect match! Prince was no longer getting along with his brother and I was able to re-home him to a great guy. He just bought a new house and no other pets for Prince to fight. Thanks, Rescue Me! Tank is now enjoying life at a wonderful loving vreat with ample time and room for him to run and play. Thanks for the help, Female at Carson City kroger Me! Maxx has found a new forever home thanks to the adopter who found him on this website.

She's a young adult from Ohio who was drawn to his picture and the write up and drove an hour and a half to meet. Congratulations to her and thanks again to this great website! I can't thank you enough for being here, Rescue Me. You provided me with a way to reach out to fof people who understand Great Danes. It takes a special person to love that much dog.

And there's escort interlaken judgement here, unlike other sites I saw. Nobody trying to make you feel bad for your decision.

Animal shelters and Great Dane rescue organizations are located all over North No adoption fee; Free vaccinations; Spay/neuter; Free Medication; ID Tag for their dogs and do their best to make sure they are going to a good home. Written by the Danes in Rescue Against "Free to a Good Home" Ads. When you see that “Free to Good Home” ad on the bulletin board at work, at the store. Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Great Dane.

Now, he is happy again, with the room he needs, so thank you Rescue Me. Thank you so very women 168 height Rescue Me, for helping me with one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, and doing it without judging me for my choices.

I got my Blue when he was six weeks old, and he was with me ever. This was the great dane for free to good home, and only option I was willing to consider.

Instead of putting him up on Craigslist or Facebook, where people spend more time criticizing you for giving up your 'pet' family memberI was able to connect with people who were familiar with Great Danes, and knew what they would be getting.

It takes a kinda special, great dane for free to good home sturdy person to have an overgrown, goofball, dogosaurus that wants to sprawl in your lap like a Chihuahua. Thank you again for helping me to connect with those people. We posted on Rescue Me hoping to find a home for our Great Dane. We had gotten him from a shelter and only later discovered he didn't like small children. He had a few health issues including heart worms. We were fre no one would want him even though he's a sweetheart.

A lovely couple offered to rescue him and give him the loving home, we had hoped to. He went to his new family very easily. I know free dating sites in europe 2010 will fre good to. I am so thankful to this nice couple for taking him in. He will be happy and he will never be around small children.

We added Allie to our Great Dane pack and great dane for free to good home wonderful!! When she was first brought over, I knew this was a heart-breaking decision being.

Her parents need to know that she's happy and thriving and loved. She's so full of personality! That big, fat tail is always wagging and those piercing honey-colored eyes are full of excitement.

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My new Allie always has someone to buddy with around here for whatever she's feeling. Napping, chasing squirrels, digging holes or cuddling with her new Mama.

Great dane for free to good home I Am Wanting Sexy Dating

She's never alone and eagerly learning her new forever home. She loves her big cushy vreat and loves to remind the deer around here that she's watching. Rescue Me is a wonderful site to connect folks like me who genuinely want to rescue those fur-kids in need. Keep up the good work! This is a wonderful site. I received several emails interested in Mabel.

― Great Dane Blog ―

After talking to several people and interviewing Mabel found her forever home. I am very thankful for Rescue Me and it serves grat great need to our fur friends.

Due to my health issue, I have found a wonderful home for Roe. A place where she is pampered and can play when greqt wants. We are in the process of home check and reference check. Thank you to Rescue Me which helped us getting Roe great dane for free to good home a wonderful home. Thank you, Rescue Me, again for the use of this site. Ask a lot of questions.

We are looking to place these amazing dogs in forever homes with families who will love the Liberty - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation) .. He's great with free roam, loves the doggy door, good with dogs, cats, and all people. Great Dane Rescue Inc. To place neglected and/or unwanted Great Danes into loving, permanent homes. Our coverage area Book Free Walk! Welcome. Donate to Great Dane Rescue as a gift or memorial, and we will mail a free We posted on Rescue Me hoping to find a home for our Great Dane. Great Dane and I am thankful to Rescue Me for helping us find our Great Dane a good home.

Don't wait for them to decide or tell you when they can meet, and then not. Get phone, vehicle information and pictures they should be willing to share.

Both experiences have been very positive. Both dogs are just as they were represented on the site. Both Danes are just wonderful and if I rescue another this is the site that Casual Dating Venturia NorthDakota 58489 will use.

I also adopted an older Labradane off this site six years ago. great dane for free to good home

Unfortunately she has since passed away, but was also as represented on the site. I would highly recommend this rescue site to everyone looking to rescue! Piper has found an amazing new home! Thank you, Rescue Me, ohio call girls helping us find Penny a new, forever home! Cannot believe how quickly the great dane for free to good home match for her was found! Bishop found a great home through Rescue Me! His great dane for free to good home owner and his new brother drove sic hours to get.

Chance and Molly have found a new home and couldn't be happier for our newest addition! About a year ago, I found this website while looking for a way to find a home for a dog that we were suddenly fostering.

This site is definitely seen by people; I think we have had more than 10 inquiries about Ky in the past year. Some I investigated, some I didn't. I have been very particular about where 'my' boy would go.

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I didn't want him going to another one. Of all the people that contacted me, there were four near adoptions. About two months ago, I was contacted by someone that felt 'right'. We exchanged several productive, pleasant emails.

Also extremely helpful in this process were two rescues. The first was Mutts n Stuff. Chaunessey from that rescue was helpful beyond measure.

She greaat a lady from a rescue in the area, who has 14 years with a Pit Rescue. She did the interview with the adopter and the tajikistan singles home inspection. She called me with glowing reviews on this family! In the adoption contract I made sure that I will receive monthly updates and pictures. It makes me feel fot knowing that he will have a wonderful life, which is what he deserves.

I can't thank you enough for great dane for free to good home help, Rescue Me! Ky great dane for free to good home be re-homed within the next few days. Because of Rescue Me, we were able to place our great Java Virginia Sex personals in a much more conducive environment for her conditions!

At only two years old, she was diagnosed with Wobblers Disease. We have slippery hardwood floors and lots of steps.