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How to remove hot tub from deck I Am Seeking Dating

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How to remove hot tub from deck

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Most tub removals are the result of a catastrophic maintenance or repair issue, usually not winterizing the tub.

You can have all kinds of frozen pipes Residual water in the pipes can be in the pump housing.

If that freezes it can damage the pumps. When we see a hot tub that's better off replacing it than fixing it, it's almost always due to freeze damage.

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A 6-person hot tub is a pretty big item that generally requires many hands or lifting equipment to. I have seen units cut into manageable sized chunks with a reciprocating saw and hauled off in 50 to pound sections.

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When it is obvious that a hot tub will never be used again, the ease of removing parts of the tub will require far less effort than getting it out fo one piece. The majority of hot tubs are electric, some with high voltage connections. Address this electric service prior to any type of removal efforts.

If the hot tub was installed to building codes, there should be a main electrical disconnect located close to the tub. If the tub is being removed entirely, and not replaced, the outlet form from this box can be sealed and left available for a possible future re-install.

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Before servicing this smaller disconnect panel, shut down the power feed at the main panel. Once isolated, the circuit can be dismantled at the local disconnect and the lines terminated inside the smaller disconnect panel.

Needless to say, hire an electrician if you are not experienced.

How to Remove a Hot Tub

The next step to removing a tub is to drain it. In erotic wives stories case of disposal, this step is not necessary. Haulage methods vary widely, based on the tub's location and installation specifics. I have helped with some where the tub was merely tilted up on its side with 4 burly piano-moving-type guys and then rolled to a waiting trailer to be carted away.

Hoh another case, one was lassoed with a large tow strap and dragged through the yard with the winch on the front of my truck. That evening a guy stopped by to look at it and while he was here another guy showed up also wanting to take the tub.

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I suggested a coin toss to which they both agreed and that resulted in a winner. The main problem was that the hot tub was built into our redwood deck.

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Actually, the deck was built around it like a jig saw puzzle because the hot tub was installed on a concrete pad before the deck was built. Most of the screws were screwed well below the wood surface, up to a half inch deep in some places, which caused the screw head to disappear below the surface of the deck.

This also caused the holes to fill with dirt and wood, so before I could remove most of the ho, I had to first excavate. It took me a good 5 hours working in the heat to get enough boards out of the deck to find out that a much how to remove hot tub from deck challenge lay ahead.

I removed a few more floor boards and then used a Sawzall to cut the joists, which worked for the stringers, but there were a few parts of the frame that required cutting through stringers that had been doubled or tripled, so I pulled out my chainsaw.

A chainsaw is an interesting tool to use for working on a beautiful redwood deck. But in a surprisingly short time, I had severed enough joists and members in the frame so that Terri and I could lift the frame away from the hot tub.

How to Remove a Hot Tub or Spa from the Backyard

After we got this taken care of, our buyer showed up with 3 friends along with a flat bed trailer and a pair of flat dollies. He was well prepared with various tools, and yet we were still unsure of how we would lift the lb tub up out of the hole it was set down in.

One guy suggested utb just try to lift it as he had done with his hot tub. We got one end of it up on the deck only to find we forgot to remove the wiring. We put some wood under the dangling end of the tub while one guy took care of unwiring it.

Then we tilted it up on end, on to the dolly, so it would fit out through the sex friend tokyo which was about 4 feet wide. One guy had built a small ramp with bricks and plywood hto roll it safely down the one step between the patio and the sidewalk and then we wheeled it out to the flat bed trailer.

The whole ordeal took less than 20 minutes and would have take half that had we remembered to unwire it. It was quite a relief.