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Mom seduce son story

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Prettiest smile I've ever seen.

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We have a pretty well-adjusted family life otherwise, and we're doing this because we love our son.

story mom son seduce FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. 'A' My Name is Alice: A mother and son in a 'sticky' situation. and other exciting stories on Wow all to try to seduce my son. I put on a white silk robe that only comes down to the thigh but left it loosely tied so that it would be mostly open.

I wish my mom would've helped me out this way. You get in there and work your magic, hot mama. I went to Evan's room, not bothering with a robe this time. I knocked and went in.

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Mom seduce son story I saw blew my mind. His room was spotless. Evan was putting his clothes in his hamper another first! I gazed at his broad shoulders and couldn't believe he used to be my little boy. I closed the door, and he turned and checked me. I had on a white mesh body stocking that hugged me like a second skin. The light fabric made my edmonton backpage escort nipples really stand out, and it was crotchless ,so we'd all have easy access to my sweet honey pie.

I couldn't resist wearing high heels again to complete the ensemble. I smiled and let him off the hook. He smiled bashfully, then lay back and lifted his legs.

He mom seduce son story around and spread his muscular ass cheeks for me. His butthole was a clean, pink pucker that made me want to eat him up. He looked so lovable in that pose, I hated to let it end. I'm sorry I seruce too quick. I was pretty quick. It was sexy the way you showed him your pussy to make him totally horny. Mom seduce son story father told me he thought you had a very nice cock.

Again, he was in his robe and this time had a scotch on the rocks with. What's the fah-shizzle seducw the nizzle?

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He got up and I positioned him right free horney chat Delitzsch front of my husband and turned him to the side so Don would have a sedduce view. I knelt down in front of my son and came eye-to-eye with his throbbing cock.

I waited. He spoke up again just as I was about to start. I turned my attention back to Evan, and took his hard member in my hand. I began by licking the head of his soon, tasting mom seduce son story salty moisture inside his pee hole.

I wrapped my lips around the tip, and eased it into my mouth, just to the point where ridge of his glans passed my front teeth. I sucked and tongued only mom seduce son story head for a long. I then took him farther mom seduce son story my mouth. I could hear Don's balls slapping right lady looking sex Dolphin to me as she started jacking himself off. I reached over and rested my hand on his, slowing his pace. I didn't want him to cum too soon.

He got the message and slowed. I've never mastered the fine mom seduce son story of deep throat, so I was only able to get about half my son's penis into my mouth, but from the sounds of his moans that was plenty.

I held onto Evan's hips as I sucked him, moving up and down on his shaft. Does Mom suck your penis a lot? She can't get enough of this monster. Ain't that right, babe? I didn't respond, and let mom seduce son story have their stpry while I indulged in giving my boy his first blowjob. I noted that I'd have to do some damage control later, after he was done horney men wanting to fuck 79331 our son his bad advice.

Evan did put his hands aon my head. He didn't push or try to force me, and like a perfect gentleman he was content to just 'feel the flow' as his father put it. I was torn in that moment.

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I could sense that Evan was getting close to cumming, and I very much mom seduce son story to taste him, but I also wanted to play out my fondest fantasy.

I reluctantly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I'd like to suck your cock, Son. You want to put my penis in your mouth?

If you're not comfortable with it, just say the word and you and Mom can go at it, mom seduce son story I'll stay here on the sidelines. I guess it's all right mom seduce son story me, if that's what you want. My heart practically flew out of my chest I was so happy. It was about to happen. I was making my fantasy come true.

I was going to see my beloved husband suck his own son's cock. It was one of the best sexual gifts a mother could wish. I did my best to make it an easy transition for. I wrapped my lips around Evan's cock once again, and gave him a few strokes with my mouth. I took it out and directed my son's cock toward my husband's face. Don mom seduce son story scared.

I could see him trying not to shake. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. I fed Evan's penis in and his lips closed around it. Chills erupted in a dozen different spots in my body in that moment, and swirled through me all at.

I got lightheaded, like I'd had one too many, and felt as if I mom seduce son story going to float away. My son's cock was actually in my husband's mouth. Right now, right in front of me, and it was beyond fantastic. His jaw relaxed and he took a few tentative strokes. Dad's not as good as you, Mom, but it feels all right. I plunged generous wm for sexy Espoo or fingers into my pussy and began frantically fucking myself as I watched my husband suck cock.

I cursed myself for not having thought of bringing mom seduce son story video camera. My pussy was making loud squishing sounds, and I pounded my fingers into my sopping wet hole. I like seeing my husband with a big cock in his mouth. He surprised me by reaching up and massaging Evan's balls as he blew.

Evan then reached out and put his hands on his father's head, just like he had done with me. Make him suck your cock real good. I did the best I could as I continued masturbating my pussy like crazy. My son was about to cum in my husband's mouth. Don wasn't pulling away, he was actually going to go through with it.

Evan's body tensed, and his face contorted, and I could tell he was squirting his load in his father's mouth. My son was actually cumming in my husband's mouth. My mounting orgasm burst to life between my legs. It coursed through me, echoing from every nerve ending and crashing back to mom seduce son story pussy like a symphony of phenomenal pleasure.

It was my orgasm of all orgasms, and I'll never forget it. Evan pulled out of his dad's mouth, and his mom seduce son story cock looked more delicious to me than.

Don looked at me with panic in his eyes, and I realized he was holding a mouthful of our son's cum. Give it to me. I was fingering my clit the lady looking sex tonight AZ Tucson 85701 time, and as soon as that salty gob of women want sex Dubach Louisiana hit my tongue I went off.

Mom seduce son story not nearly as intense as a few seconds mom seduce son story, the added thrill of tasting my son's cum for the first time made it special. I swallowed it a little bit at a time as my orgasm slowly ebbed. I was delirious with ecstasy and didn't want it to end. Mom seduce son story began jacking off over my face, and poor Evan didn't know what to. I was so revved up, he didn't need to know how to make a woman cum to get me off--he just needed to be in.

In less hot sexy black dudes a minute, Don thrust his cock toward my parted lips and let loose.

Several jets of cum shot into my mouth as my son watched. Right as his father finished, Evan dipped his head forward and licked a stray drop semen from my lip.

Just as he did that, Evan himself came again, emptying his load forcefully into my pussy. We were reduced to a pile of sweaty bodies, no one able to speak, each of us still coming down from our orgasmic highs.

I had a hot black teen gf thought in that mom seduce son story moment. I had conceived of this family exploration as a limited frolic, but I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to give this up.

I was in serious danger of letting my son become my fetish. Active tags. Mom seduce son story by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. I was staring at it when he reached out and pulled me close. As my large breasts crushed against his chest he kissed me.

A very passionate kiss full of need. Our tongues danced together as I felt his hand travel to my ass pulling me closer. As he broke our kiss and his mouth moved mom seduce son story to my nipples I felt him push me back on to the couch. I lowered myself down on my back as he towered over me. My legs were open and my need for him was as great as his desire for me. The other mom seduce son story was on his sedhce as he guided it close to my core.

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This was really going to happen. He wanted to mkm inside me. As I felt his large cock head touch my swollen lips I was a little concerned with mom seduce son story size. He must of understood because he slowed down and started to ease himself inside me.

He was really stretching me but soon he popped in. He groaned from mom seduce son story tightness and heat. Pushing in he was able to get deeper. Slow in and out strokes helped.

The reality of me being his Mother was not slowing him. He hit bottom swduce about an inch of his big cock left to stlry. I felt so full and I grabbed his ass to urge him on. Mom seduce son story was so surreal and yet I knew this was what I had wanted all. My Son was fucking me with his big cock and I was about to cum. Should I pull out? I had given him the green light and he hit the accelerator.

Pumping me deep and hard now I felt him swell up and start to go off deep inside me. That set me off mom seduce son story and my tight pussy went into spasms as we came.

He seemed to shoot forever filling me up.

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We held each other tight as we came. We had crossed a huge line and I wanted him to know it was OK. I told him how much I loved him and he said the same to me.

He mom seduce son story my face and kissed me. I smiled at him and got up and took his hand and lead him to my bedroom for round 2.

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I took my naked 18 yr old Son by the hand and led him down the hall to my bedroom. I was naked too having just had sex with him for the first time, in the den. I pulled the covers back on my big bed and crawled up onto it.

I turned and opened my arms to. We had crossed a huge line but the sexual fog we were in was hiding common sense. He crawled up onto my bed to join me. Our naked bodies pressed. He kissed me deeply. His hands went to my breasts and squeezed and kneaded.

He broke our kiss to move down and suck on the nipple of the breast he was holding. These mom seduce son story the same breasts he had nursed mom seduce son story as a baby. He had been fascinated with them and since puberty had stared at them quite. I guess since he now had unlimited access to my boobs he incall escort melbourne making up for lost time. He had both of my nipples very erect and sensitive. I cradled his head as he continued to suck mom seduce son story kiss yerevan hookers. He was getting me quite worked up and finally I had to do.

I rolled him over on his.

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I kissed him on the mom seduce son story and then proceeded to work my way lower. I grabbed his big mom seduce son story with my hand seduxe found it to be almost fully hard. I raised it to my lips and gave the head a kiss then a lick. He smelled and tasted like sex. The remains of our previous lovemaking. I opened my mouth and took his head in.

He groaned from the heat and suction. Soon I had him fully erect. I knew he would last longer in round 2 so I was not worried about him cumming stofy fast.

I had his cock nice and hard and very wet. Massage abington was so big, at least 9 inches long and.

I could easily become owned by this cock. Is that what I wanted? I was ready and so was he so I climbed on top of him straddling. His cock was so long I had to get up on my feet to get things lined up. I lowered myself down holding his cock in one hand with the other on on his chest to steady me. I was wet from being turned on but also from his first load which was still leaking from me. I placed his head at my entrance and we both groaned from the contact.

He slipped in easier this time but I still had to use my mom seduce son story to get him in. I loved this position because it allowed me to control things. Slowly he stretched me and completely filled me. I felt his big head press into my cervix with still more shaft left outside me. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Innocent Mother Seduces Son Ch. Author's infos Gender: Posted Wed 24th of August Report. Font size: Hi my name's Janet and this is my story of seduction.

I grew up in a very old fashion family. My dad was a construction supervisor and my mom was your classic 50's stay at home women looking casual sex Frankford Missouri with the aprin and.

I am the oldest mom seduce son story me and my sister Sarah. My parents were very conservative and seemed pretty dependent of one another, as there was very little PDA between them while i was growing mom seduce son story. My mom was a big advocate of going to church every Sunday and my father was an usher so every Sunday my sister and i attended church.

Between my conservative upbringing and my strong faith i couldn't help but be a nice conservative girl focused on her studies while growing up. I took after my mother's sense of style and wore full dresses and ankle length skirts to school and never really saw the need to do where anything more reveling, after saint Pete Beach wants a fuck i didnt plan on having sex until i was call big sexy love and married.

My sister on the other hand was the black mom seduce son story of the family. She was mom seduce son story liberal with her clothes and was always pushing her luck with my moms approval of her mom seduce son story. She was always flirting with guys at school and giving out, she would even flirt with the muscly construction workers at my dads work the few times we were there, and she wasn't even So anyway my sister and i are polar opposites.

When i was a junior in high school i began developing into a women and my breasts were the first to. They grew from a 30B to a 32DD by my senior year and by the time i graduated a 32G which sounds huge for my 5'4" lbs frame but to tell the truth they looked good on me, they were full, round, firm, and compact.

Not to say they weren't big but they weren't too big looking like the girls with big boobs that are only big because they are long an saggy. Mine were firm and round.

Sarah was of course jealous and said they were soon boobs because they looked fake. I still however maintained my conservative and religious values.

I didn't get much attention from men, probably because i was always studying and didn't have much of a social life and they probably hardly hung cock for female my boobs since they were always hidden in my loose fitting full coverage dresses.

The lack of attention from guys was fine by me. After i graduated i went from job to job for a. I fell in love with my now ex husband Todd who worked in mom seduce son story office across from mine swduce i worked as the assistant to a woman that skn a fragrance business. I married Todd when i was 21 and still a virgin.