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Native american with blue eyes

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Thanks Stephanie. Our farm was about 90 miles from the earth lodges so it was very interesting to me at a young age. Excellent post, Neva.

Fascinating history,thank you! Thanks Nancy, I bet no one has even thought about that! Bet they could still find some evidence of that past history if they tried. Maybe an historian will take on the cause some day.

We know the Norsemen were exploring the New World, so blonde, blue-eyed Indians are not out of the question. When needing medical attention, she goes to an indian clinic in Las Vegas. I love those kinds of tales.

Very fascinating post, Neva. Thank you for enlightening us!

Blonde Blue-Eyed Indians – Writing Wranglers and Warriors

Thanks for reading Gayle. But obviously those Vikings got around! He writes of Viking remains of implements and weapons found in Minnesota that are consistent with those used by the Vikings in the s.

They sexy pusy near former Viking settlements there as.

I Looking Man Native american with blue eyes

There are none alive today and have been extinct since the early s. Will have too look that up. Sounds interesting. Thanks for reading and the reply.

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The story of the blonde Indians intrigued me when I was young. Did not know of the name Beothuk. Thanks again! No offense but to say blue eyed Indian thats counterfeit. Where is the picture wlth the blue-eyed Mandan from? Could you send me a link or let me know where I can find it if it is not available online? However, we also know not everything listed as fact on the internet is indeed fact. Sorry about. It makes reference to blue and grey eyed Mandans and lighter haired ones as.

They do however discount the possibility of the Norse presence despite the evidence presented bluw the book by Hjalmar Holand, Westward from Vinland. Pictures I native american with blue eyes find and I think there are none of the blue eyed blond native people. According to Holman the last one died in I believe that Jesus Christ is from the Mandans because his body was ship back beautiful couples wants orgasm NV the Ohio pyramid nlue his death.

King Joseph of the Old Testament is buried in the Grand Canyon, Alexander the Great was also buried here in America, except bllue man wanted to be a King of Egypt so his body was mature fat gay sex stolen from Ehes. Reblogged this on prizmgirl. Jesus Christ is buried at the Ohio pyramid here in America. Hi, I have Native American heritage. And I was curious what year the painting was drawn of the blonde blue-eyed Indian?

Your theories may be correct. I got a book from the local library years ago about native american with blue eyes Mandan, which painted a very real picture of their beginning. It implied that as with native american with blue eyes the early explorers the Walesmen liked what they saw and decided to stay. The rivers were full and brimming with fish, livestock was plentiful, a virtual Garden of Eden. It amerian showed the similarities native american with blue eyes the language of the Welshman who many of our founding fathers wereand Mandan, whom they used as interpreters to other tribes.

Nativve beothuk from iceland my mother resembles mandan indian and her grandmother kirsten i believe that vikings went further in america. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content by Neva Bodin A blond Indian? Does this not sound like man being created from dust and landing in the Garden of Eden?

Legend or fact, there is much more evidence to their existence than Bigfoot! Like this: Like Loading Published by Wranglers. Very interesting. I had never heard of. Doris Like Like. Really interesting, Neva. Cascade Engineering Race Card Project. Michele Norris' address at Sacramento State's Convocation.

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Blonde Blue-Eyed Indians | history | Mandan indians, Mystery of history, Native american history

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Blue Eyed Blonde Haired Native American - The Race Card Project

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