//New Ryzen chips show major compatibility issues with Windows 7

New Ryzen chips show major compatibility issues with Windows 7

“Blue screen of death” instead of high performance


If you’re a big fan of AMD, you’re probably familiar with some of their more popular forums, such as the AMD subreddit or the companies official forums, you’ve probably seen complaints began to emerge from users who encountered difficulties installing Windows 7 on systems based on the new AMD Raven Ridge processors. The problem is the appearance of the so-called “blue screen of death” or BSOD, even after the “clean” installation of the system from an official Microsoft DVD.


The error message says that the BIOS of the motherboard does not fully support ACPI (advanced configuration and power management interface).  Despite all the efforts of Microsoft to promote Windows 10, Windows Seven is still the most popular version of Windows Globally with it being installed on 44% of desktops in comparison with Windows 10, which accounts for only 28% of machines.  This is a huge share of the market that AMD is missing out on, but it might not be entirely their fault. It is the APU of Ryzen hybrid processors that is the source of the problem. However, judging from the feedback of users, using a dedicated GPU instead of the onboard graphics does not fix the situation.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Unfortunately, contacting any of the popular manufacturers of motherboards will not lead down any helpful paths. So far the only answers gotten are to contact AMD even though the error is technically a motherboard based error.  It is possible that what happened is not really a bug at all, but rather a deficiency in Windows Microsoft never addressed. Recall that in 2016, Microsoft announced that the Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems will not support AMD Zen and Intel Kaby Lake processors, and stopped to releasing updates and fixes for systems based on these processors. Thus, Microsoft has stimulated the owners of new powerful equipment to migrate to Windows 10.


Given the closed nature of Windows, a close cooperation between hardware manufacturers and Microsoft is needed to solve the problem. However, AMD and Microsoft have not yet reacted to the numerous complaints from users. Leaving users with one of two choices, move to windows 10, or wait for a patch to stop your computer from crashing that might never come.


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