Meltdown and Spectre return

It has not been a good year to be a CPU manufacturer.  Ever since the discovery of 2 exploits, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, manufactures have had to release numerous patches that significantly impact performance.  And its important to note that these vulnerabilities are exploitable on both Intel and AMD processors, as well as ARM style [...]

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Intel: Some processors will no longer be protected.

If you have kept up with any IT news in the past year you may have seen that the beginning of this year, some Intel processors where found to have severe vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to steal user data that is processed thru the processor. Immediately representatives of Intel said that they will work on "patches", [...]

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The first Specter and Meltdown exploits appear

Experts on IT security warn that soon all of us can expect big problems. According to multiple credible cybersecurity companies, criminals are already developing viruses that exploit meltdown and specter, a security bug that affects every Intel chip made in the past couple years.  The security analysts reported the detection of 139 different malwares that [...]

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