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The first Specter and Meltdown exploits appear

Experts on IT security warn that soon all of us can expect big problems. According to multiple credible cybersecurity companies, criminals are already developing viruses that exploit meltdown and specter, a security bug that affects every Intel chip made in the past couple years.  The security analysts reported the detection of 139 different malwares that were associated with the use of “processor” bugs. Interestingly, these viruses are oriented to different platforms (Windows, Linux and macOS, not just windows like most viruses), and researchers emphasized that the main way they were spread were through javascript malware, spreadable by multiple browsers,  including IE, Chrome and Firefox.


Malicious code designed to exploit the problems of Meltdown and Specter was discovered by experts shortly after the Information Security (IS) experts involved in the study of vulnerabilities started publishing their Proof of concept codes, or demonstrations of how meltdown and specter can be exploited in real world instances. Thus, analysts write that at present most of the newer malware samples seen are heavily based on these exploits.


Given that these exploits give the owner of the malware full read access over everything that crosses between the processors, or in other words, everything you do on your computer, it’s no surprise that these exploits are the host of over a hundred new pieces of malware developed.  What is interesting is how many of these viruses were also compatible with macOS and various versions of Linux, operating systems usually largely untouched.  And given the fact that many of these new malwares run off of corrupted javascript, its recommended now more then ever by this writer to install at least a pop up blocker, if not a script blocker and run the patches to protect your computer from specter and meltdown.  These types of attacks are only going to grow in number and given just how much data they offer to intruders, you have to be more vigilant than ever out on the internet.

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