//VPN’s and your Privacy

VPN’s and your Privacy

Free Wi-Fi, the sign we look for in hotels, McDonald’s and every airport across the globe. It’s wonderful to have Wi-Fi on demand especially with the high cost of data plans and other paid Wi-Fi services. However, these free portals to the Internet are potentially dangerous and could have major repercussions if you are not careful while using them. In fact, when you connect to an unsecured hotspot, you expose yourself to a host of cyber risks. Once you begin surfing online, malicious invaders can peek in on your browsing movements and even pry at your data.

However, a simple yet effective trick to stop invaders is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A virtual private network is designed to port your browsing moments through encrypted tunnels, these tunnels allow you to browse safely, securely and quickly. These protected tunnels also give you the ability to bypass regional blocks so you can access the full power of the Internet. A VPN can be added to your personal computer, tablet and smartphone so no matter where you find yourself you will be protected.

The costs associated with a VPN vary depending on data limits and which device you are using it on. The average cost associated with a VPN is around $5 a month. This means for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription or a Venti-Iced Latte from Starbucks  you can be protected at home or on the road.

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